In January, as a gift for Ms.Ruby and my collaring ceremony, my lovely sister had a beautiful, bright, trippy set of floggers crafted for us by Leather Lee in Miami. He was kind enough to do a couple of demonstrations of them. I’ve combined the videos here if anyone is interested and provided some photos of his product. His site is

These are a extremely robust, high quality floggers, made with genuine leather, and work using a bearing system with chain links (swivel handles), and dog-clip (see photos). The weight and feel is very good, though  I would say these should be used by someone with a solid amount of experience. Due to the amazing mechanical advantage of the swivel handles, a novice might find it difficult in gauging distance and power, and risks striking their subject with the very substantial knob-end of the leather section. One suggestion to lowering that risk, might be to shorten the chain by substituting the longer dog-clip with a single chain connector (or, screwlink). This will help gauge distance better and decrease risk of harm.

Like any pieces of equipment, it’s imperative to get to know these well before using in a play situation with a real person. Pillows seem to make great practice subjects! 🙂 —strawberry

Here are some photos:







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