There are two things those who embrace the BDSM lifestyle, particularly the Master/slave (M/s) and Dominant/submissive (D/s) lifestyles, should do and know.

The first is that EVERY relationship, regardless of how long you plan to do it for, MUST have a Consensual Agreement (contract) of some sort, clearly negotiated limits within the dynamic to guide and ensure safety of all involved in the power exchange. The contract is a physical reminder of your bond, your agreements, your limits. No BDSM dynamic should be without one. That’s why I, Miss Ruby, wrote a booklet with sample contracts for M/s and D/s partners to use as reference. It’s an invaluable resource to have at your fingertips. You can find the booklet in our store.

The second most important part of a truly loving, devoted and profound D/s relationship is ceremony. Anyone can get married and have a ring and a piece of paper, but those end disastrously entirely too often. While monogamy and a vanilla existence are fine for most people, some of us need more. We need a truly honest and trusting relationship. This is where D/s bonding ceremonies come in. I am also writing a booklet to help guide couples through a variety of ceremonies.


Incidentally, in you’re in the U.S. I can do any non- or legally binding ceremony as an ordained minister; I can perform non-traditional, non-legally binding ceremonies in Toronto. Feel free to email me at [[email protected]] with details and we can chat.