Eternity Collars Convertible Leash Belt: A Story Review.

Eternity Collars Convertible Leash Belt Ms. Ruby’s Eternity Collars Convertible Leash Belt: A Story Review.

The rolled up, matte black length of one-inch wide leather on the living room table, has a glistening chrome clip on one end, and a similarly shiny metal loop at the other. All its rivets and stitching, the things that hold it so well together, are perfectly placed, almost artistic in their location between loop and hitch, with straight, perfect lines.

It’s not at all sinister or serpentine in the way you’d expect something whose entire purpose is control. It’s more like that familiar friend you can’t imagine ever having gone without; it’s like the person who wears it, whom I let guide me, shape me, mold me: my Miss.

Eternity collar and leashWhen it’s not doubling as her belt, the leash is clipped to my collar. I am an owned submissive, and I do not have permission to even touch it unless it touches me. This evening, Miss has left me with a glass of wine, a wood slat with charcuterie, and she has commanded me to sit in silence and consider my leash— to contemplate its impact on me.

It’s amazing really, that I’ve granted a single person such great rule over my life. 

My leash is beautiful in it’s simplicity. The fact that the clip, which usually fastens to my collar, can be looped through the opposite end, and secured onto smaller loops as a belt, is ingenious. It is so mechanically simple and yet incredibly multi-functional.

Sipping at my wine, I lean over periodically and smell the leather. There is rawness to that smell; it’s one of toughness and longevity, one of expense. I enjoy that the thing which commands my behaviour… is of such high quality.

eternity collar leash and belt combinationI marvel when Miss has it around her waist, ready to change from clothing, to lead. I can never know when exactly that transformation will take place. I like that I might go from free-floating to captive at only a moment’s notice.

The leash is used to direct me, to take me places that another person desires. When it is attached, I trust that I am safe, and that anywhere I go, will not result in harm or stress, but excitement.

 The *click* I hear reinforces what I already know, that I don’t make the decisions. I am loved property and behave as I have been trained— as I am commanded. I defer to Miss. I am obedient.

…A review by Ms.Ruby will follow…



Eternity Collars: Leather Convertible Leash/Belt





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