On January 2, 2018, my Dom, Ms. Ruby, collared me in a lovely and private Ceremony of Roses. I was furnished with a beautiful titanium, black shine finish Eternity collar.

I love our pretty collar! The titanium version is very light and I can wear it indefinitely; that was the true test. Within an hour of having it on, I knew I could wear it forever. I’ve worn it continuously for a month now, and I barely notice it unless it’s explicitly played with, or if I bend and it flops up my neck.

Titanium Black Finish Eternity Collar

I love that it is solid and closed with a high quality recessed hex screw. I should mention that the collar ships with several extra screws, which I think is mainly in case they get dropped during the closure process—they are quite small! The collar also ships with the appropriate 2mm Allan driver. It is unassuming and easily stored along with the spare screws in the provided velvet bag. Alternatively, a ‘Master key’ driver is also available as a key-chain for the Dom. I need to buy one for Miss Ruby. 

Finally, the hinge joints on the collar are not obvious so it looks like, and is, very much a complete ring. There is an actual and visual permanence to this collar that very much symbolizes Mine and Ms. Ruby’s bond. I see it, others see it, and I get to know it is there always.  I am so very happy with this very beautiful collar.

Ms. Ruby:

Strawberry in titanium black finish eternity collar

To be honest, it’s not easy to judge what a product will be like when you buy them online. But Eternity had a wonderfully accurate description of the collar, and I’m not one to cheap out for my sweet submissive, Strawberry. She enjoyed the look and she’d earned a forever collar. We both wanted something that would look like a piece of jewelry. When she found this collar and asked if she could have it, I ordered it nearly immediately.

And I’m glad I did. She looks even more beautiful in it. And it’s exactly as Strawberry describes above. I was surprised by the weight. It was remarkably light, which is good since she wears it 24/7. It’s truly as described.

What was the best part of the experience from my end was that Eternity was wonderfully communicative during the process and, what I appreciate the most, is they offer military discounts.

So our recommendation is, if you’re in a true 24/7 D/s relationship, don’t cheap out on your submissive. Get them something of quality that will last and be unobtrusive, a collar that is subtle in all ways, like the one Strawberry now wears.

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